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Candidate Patty Cummings

Join me in building a better tomorrow!

Hello Cape Coral Residents, my name is Patty L. Cummings and I am a candidate for Cape Coral City Council District 4. I have been a true conservative my whole life. I have no special interest groups that I owe unlike my opponent who is funded by political action special interest groups which cares about their own needs vs. the people. My opponent switched parties a couple of years ago to sway the vote and her values have not changed. This is why I decided to run for the future of Cape Coral, the citizens deserve the truth.

You may be like me and many others who have been questioning why we are still having the same issues as we did over the last few years? Many of these issues have grown worse such as our waste disposal issues, LCEC, and the cost of living rising in Cape Coral. These are some of the reasons why I made the decision to run for City Council in district 4.

I’m a successful franchise owner, an inventor, an author, and have launched several fitness studios locally, with a history of helping entrepreneurs open businesses nationwide. Aside from my blessed success in business, my greatest achievement in life is my family. I’m a Mom to four tremendously great children and a “Glamma” to two adorable grandchildren. My immediate family also includes two adorable rescued doggies.

Life is busy and I didn’t plan on a political run for city council, but we are in a season of great uncertainty in our country. The rising costs of housing, gasoline, food, insurance, etc., are taking its toll on families, seniors, and businesses here in the Cape. I believe that our local government and specifically each person that represents you and your needs on the city council must be vigilant when it comes to looking into ways and means to help, not hurt their constituents. This is why I am offering my bid in the upcoming election to serve you better.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who has been supporting and helping me make it through the primaries and now we are off to the General Elections! Let’s make this a huge victory win on November 8, 2022!

What is lacking for the people the most in district 4?


You can count on me to be present and active in the council seat.

It honestly boils down to – If YOU “Want Better” Then YOU Must “Vote Better”.

The only time your vote dosn’t matter; is when you don’t vote!!

If you are a resident of Cape Coral you VOTE for ALL districts!

Want Better? Vote Better!

It’s more than a city, it’s home!

The majority of the council is doing a terrific job. Are there things that need to be tweaked? YES! That is what I want to help with! The team is stronger when we all work together. It’s time to bring in an innovative business woman with conservative values in District 4, Patty Cummings!

Unfortunately my opponent, Jennifer Nelson has had an extended term of almost 6 years on the city council to rectify the issues that Cape Coral’s residents had 6 years ago which we are still facing. Today, as we are growing with a population over 210,000 citizens we need someone in District 4 that can be a body and active in the seat. I assure you, I will bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table.

As an innovative business woman I would look at what would be a return on our investment.I take the spending of our tax dollars very seriously. I will bring the tools that I use in my home and business which is health and safety first, then what has the greater return on our investment.

We can’t vote on feelings, we need to vote on what’s best for the people and the city as a whole. There will be tough times on making decisions, but I will educate on why I am making a decision, it’s about doing the right thing. When we are looking at budgeting on certain things that are needed we should always ask ourselves, does this project add value to our community? 

What does City Council do?

City Council works for the people, that’s why council gets voted in by the people. Cape Coral has 7 districts and a Mayor, not one is above another which is a total of 8 that Governors the body of the city. It takes five strong leaders in City Council which means five votes out of eight to add or remove. The city manager is hired by the city council to manage the city, the city council is elected by the people to steer the city.  If the council isn’t doing their job, well then the city manager will steer and manage the city. The citizens only have the ability to steer the council not the city manager. The city manager is hired by the city council to manage the city, the city council is elected by the people to steer the city. If the city council isn’t doing their job than the city manager will steer and manage the city. Which means the city council members don’t have the power individually. The citizens no longer have a voice! It takes a team and I want to be part of the team for the future of Cape Coral. I want to be a valuable asset to the council and the citizens of Cape Coral. 

I invite you to learn more about my visions as our beautiful city of Cape Coral grows, and my strong sense of urgency to find solutions for our great city and even more importantly, my commitment to serve the people who are my #1 priority here in Cape Coral. If you would like to host an event, hold a fundraiser, volunteer, have questions, share information you may have with your ideas for the future of Cape Coral or learn more about my vision for the city of Cape Coral, please reach out to me through email [email protected]

In your service,

Patty Cummings

Here are some areas we really need to focus in on!

  • Let’s start by bringing Lee County MPO Monies back to Cape Coral.
  • Wasteful Spending
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Water quality
  • Infrastructure
  • Sidewalks / Street Lights
  • More Police
  • Turn key operation for small businesses
  • Bring in Bigger Businesses
  • Higher Paying Jobs
  • Permits “turnaround time in less then a week”
  • Trash
  • Complete Projects

Your donation is a move to be part of something bigger. Show your Cape Coral City Council District 4 candidate Patty Cummings that you support a better tomorrow!

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